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Hand raised Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots and Exotic Parrots For Adoption.

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We have currently some beautiful hand raised Blue and Gold Macaws. All birds are fully hand raised by us. Very tame and friendly. These birds make a excellent pet They are just an amazing amazing bird to own. Definitely a friend for life. Babies eating well on their own when they come to you Also harness trained & microchipped. They are very vocal, they likes showers, head massages and being tickled. Like children. They are very loving when you give them attention and are very inquisitive. A loving home is a must They talks, laughs ,sings ,dances (Says around 100 words....!!!!!!) hand reared and tame, can live in doors or out. They are real characters.. !! They comes with avairy and toys etc.. We have variety of parrots and exotic birds for Adoption.We have parrots of all ages We have macaw parrots, Falcon, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized. They live with our dog and two young children and all play together, They are very much a baby still and craves masses of attention which we are currently struggling to fulfill hence the reason we need to re-home them. They will be re-homed with everything they currently have so hopefully the re-homing will be easier and less stressful .Please do contact us for more information and pictures at… ( ericyoungpets123@gmail.com ) Thanks Waiting...