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Holding Company . What is Corporate Structuring and HOLDING company.

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For example you have have 5 Business in 5 different countries or One type of Business but in different countries. ( Australia, China, Dubai, South africa and Qatar) multi businesses (Food, Oil and Gas, Services, Pharmaceuticals etc. So you want that all your business and in all countries will run or operate under one Name(Brand), the financial reports and financial come to one account and other liabilities and assets management. You have Multiple options now, example Want to start business in South Africa and Dubai and you have already business in China , so make a OFFSHORE company Lets say You made BVI Offshore company (British virgin Island Offshore). So in Dubai or in GCC you cannot hold 100% shares of onshore company (non free zone company) so what you do. Make Offshore company and register trade mark. Offshore company can register trademark. Lets say you start business in Dubai and going for incorporation and You will place that Offshore company as partner instead of yourself. And ultimately you are the ultimate Beneficial owner of the OFFSHORE COMPANY. When this Offshore company will be the partner of that company you can make a contract between THAT OFFSHORE COMPANY and new incorporates company . what the contract will " that the offshore company giving the registered to this new company to use as brand and in return the offshore company will take 99% of income shares and hold all assets of new company". In this way you protected your wealth , assets and brand (trademark). Same you do in South africa and China then all three companies ( China, South africa, Dubai) will come under One umbrella THE OFFSHORE COMPANY which is HOLDING company. You protected the following things. Assets Brand Wealth Liabilities Property International company Intellectual Property. ADVANTAGES of HOLDING company. As stated many things above about advantages. But some unique advantage needs to be highlight. - Person Die but company cannot Means GOD forbid, if some mishap happen and the person is not able to manage or run business or he/she die. Then a ocean of problem comes for owning and transferring of shares in multiple countries and multi business business. So in Holding company you everything will be safe under one entity and if some one passed then the ownership of business and shares will be easily transferred to attorney person. - Act as will Everyone know that there is differ will rules in different countries, so if you have different business in different countries then very difficult to make will in all countries and go with different regulation. So in holding company you can make attorney to your siblings and share distribution on your own will. So full protection if some pass away or some accident happened. Other the your HOLDING company is open to conduct every type of Business activity so you can make Onshore branches or subsidiaries of that holding company. How to setup a HOLDING company and HOW it works. I just wrote very less details of HOLD company structure and advantages, its not easy to share all details in one article. So wait for my next article. Or if some one looking for more information, or want to setup a HOLDING Company ( Offshore COMPANY) feel free and contact me on below contact details. It will be my pleasure to assist you in your Business journey. I am Please to introduce HELPLINE Group, midcap group of companies based in Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have experts for Business plans, Market research, Company and Business setups, Business evaluation, mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property protection, legalization, PRO services and other Business support Services. Feel free and Contact us. Mr. Singh Consulting Specialist 0097430069339