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GREEN WING MACAW BABIES FOR SALE(Whatsapp;0016148811423)

  • Beixinqiao, Beijing

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We are a licensed breeding farm based in Columbus Ohio USA,We breed different types of parrots and other birds as pets for a good family companion, we have healthy and beautiful parrots in stock for sale at very good prices. We have the following parrots in stock; Macaws such as Hyacinth, Blue and Gold, Scarlet, severe, greenwing etc. African Greys such Timneh and Congo. Amazon Parrots. Electus Parrots. Senegal Parrots. Cockatoos. Conures. Budgies. Lovebirds. Falcons. Finches and just to name these few. We also sell chicks as from 2 weeks old. We sell young parrots, adults and breeding pairs. Our parrots are vet checked, healthy, in good feather condition, hand raised and tamed. We deliver all over china by using reliable pet shipping agency to ensure prompt and safe delivery. We assist our clients with processing of the CITES permit and health documents. Please contact us if interested and we shall revert to you as soon as possible Email; Whatsapp;001 6148811423